garden observations

garden observations

With spring in full swing, the raised garden beds at Nashville International Academy are bursting with new green growth–the perfect time to get students in the garden to observe the changes that are occurring moment to moment. Equipped with notebook and pencil, a keen eye and an innate sense of wonder, the third through sixth grade classes observed the garden spaces they’ve created. Their gardens and their observations are works of art.

Garden Poem
by Zakiya, age 10

The garden is an inspiring place
It feels like it has a growing pace

Today we harvested, planted and observed
This garden is something we deserve

Everyone loves the garden
We have fun in it with Ms. Susannah

We eat, play and learn
Planting mangoes is what I yearn

And this is the poem I wrote
About every observation I took note

Everything here is blooming fast
And I really hope they last


Garden Observation
by Amina, age 12

The garden takes you to a place
Where everyone has their own taste

Everyone plants different things
With people owning the living things

We have a lot of sun
And, of course, lots of fun

So this is my poem for my observation
I hope you like it like a vacation