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Sarah Voter

Executive Director
Sarah has lived in the 12 South neighborhood for nearly twenty years. Growing up in a rural area, she had the opportunity to learn about growing her own food from an early age. She has owned several businesses in the food industry over the years, in addition to her work for local and corporate natural foods stores. She has also served as the Operations Manager for a number of local businesses. Sarah’s guiding passion in her work is to bring safe, sustainable, natural foods to her local communities. Her favorite thing about working with Plant the Seed is the opportunity to help children connect to their food and its origins.

Kim Newbould

Garden Education Facilitator at Rosebank Elementary School
Kim received her Bachelors of Science degree in Integrated Studies with concentrations in both Agribusiness and Administration. In joining Plant the Seed, she is committed to finding ways that will help people in need within her community, and to do what is within my reach to make things better in the world around us. Kim has worked various seasonal gardening jobs over the years, and has always had a passion for plants, including having her own personal gardens and greenhouse at home. She has been teaching her young son how to garden since he was a baby.

Hannah Fletcher-Page

Garden Education Facilitator at Cambridge Early Learning Center
Hannah Fletcher-Page comes to Plant the Seed with a lifelong love of growing and creating collaboratively. With a background in theatre and youth development, she believes in sharing and creating a better collective narrative in our schools, homes and communities. When we can work to teach children how to grow things and care for themselves and others we are building that better story together. Hannah grew up gardening and farming with her parents and grandparents. When she got the chance to start growing a garden with her own daughter she renewed that connection to her heritage and the soil. Hannah wants to help ensure that future generations will have this access to ancestral knowledge to build healthier and more connected communities. She is excited to be facilitating at Cambridge Early Learning Center in the richly diverse Antioch area.

Dargan Eley

Garden Education ELC Curriculum Coordinator
Dargan Eley joins our team with over ten years of teaching experience in elementary and middle school Spanish. She grew up in Golden, Colorado, where she cultivated a lifelong appreciation for nature and the outdoors. She enjoys the numerous and tangible benefits that come from a "rain or shine" attitude towards being outside. In the last five years Dargan has merged her passions and has gained a new hobby in gardening. She has an appreciation for the entire process; from learning about what grows well to sowing the seed to harvesting the ingredients for a meal shared with friends and family. She is excited to share that enthusiasm with her students.

Brenda Huff

Garden Education Support Coordinator - Explore! Community School
Brenda grew up surrounded by apple orchards in the Finger Lakes region of New York. A love of nature and outdoor activities are passions she’s carried along with her through her career in education for 34 years. Having worked as a classroom teacher, administrator, and service-learning director, Brenda’s role as Program Coordinator combines her interests and experience as an educational leader. Plant the Seed’s mission resonates with her love of experiential learning, as well as her commitments to cultivating caring community and practicing environmental sustainability. She brings a joy - and finds joy - in being on the PtS team cultivating wonder!

Melia Arnold

Partner-Facilitator at Explore! Community School
Melia believes that when kids are encouraged to dig in the dirt, experience the natural magic of growing a plant by hand and nurturing it into an edible product ensures their connection to the land and their learning, while better connecting them with one another. She is reminded daily, of the joys and wonders of the outdoor world through the eyes and hands of her 5 and 7 year old.

Mallory Crook

Garden Education Facilitator at Rosebank Elementary and Ross ELC
Mallory Crook joins the Plant the Seed team with a background in Anthropology and Museum Education. She has curated art and history-based curriculum in the past and is dedicated to teaching in a non-traditional way. While being a Murfreesboro native, she is hoping to immerse herself in the Nashville community to better understand the students...

Lilah Abrams

Garden Education Facilitator Ivanetta H. Davis ELC
Lilah joins Plant the Seed with a firm belief in the transformative power of gardens, both personally and collectively. Originally from Oregon, Lilah entered the world of gardening through her studies of politics, leading her to explorations of food justice as a site of culmination around intersecting conversations. As such, her professional background has included...

Kristin Arnold Pearson

Garden Education Facilitator - Ross ELC
Kristin comes to the Plant the Seed team with a deep connection to the earth and its power to teach.  Learning through diverse experiences is rooted in Kristin’s teaching style and belief system in how to best support learning for all children. Kristin has worked in gardens and farms her entire life, experiencing the soul...

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