Meet Avi Katzman, Curriculum Development Manager

Meet Avi Katzman, Curriculum Development Manager

What brought you to Plant the Seed? 

I learned about Plant the Seed from a dear friend and immediately fell in love with the mission after reading about the work. It felt very aligned with the work I had previously been doing at a farm-to-table Jewish summer camp in New York State and was itching to connect to this type of work here in Nashville. I was lucky that there happened to be a job opening with PtS when I learned about them and during the interview process I felt even more aligned with the culture and vision of the organization. I love having the opportunity to work with this team and to know that we are learning and growing alongside kids in the garden.

If you could have any superpower what would it be, and why?

I would have a pause button. A button that I could press and everything around me would stop so I could take a closer and deeper look. The idea of being able to watch an ocean wave paused in action or a bird mid-flight seems really wonderful to me! It would also give me more time to process the universe…maybe.

What is your favorite band/genre of music?

There is wonderful music in all genres! I love any music that my body involuntarily moves to or I can sing along with.

What is one goal you want to complete in the next 10 years?

I want to make and publish a book for teenage girls full of stories, activities, art, and ways for them to connect to themselves and each other.