“If you build up the soil organic material,
the plants will do just fine.”


We are always looking for volunteers in our gardens! If you love working with young children and have a “green thumb,” use our contact form to send us an email! Also, check out the list of sites at the bottom of the page to find out when volunteer opportunities are happening at a school near you. You can sign up for our newsletter by using the form at the right.


Do you have some old garden tools lying around? Some children’s garden gloves that your kids grew out of? Some old rainboots that don’t leak but are too small? We can use them! We appreciate all donations, both material and monetary. Please use the contact form at the right to let us know how you are able to contribute to growing our work. We are grateful for your generosity!


Consider supporting Plant the Seed financially!
We are grateful for your monetary support.

  • $10 makes sure that our preschool friends have the right tools for their garden work
  • $25 helps purchase 5 pairs of garden gloves for our preschoolers and elementary students
  • $40 purchases vegetable seeds to use for one season at one site
  • $50 purchases garden tools for our adult volunteers
  • $100 helps fund local field trips to farms
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